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CCB Governance

Collaboration and Effective Oversight

CCB’s committees have been established to provide strategic leadership and to support the development of best practices across CCB’s activities, including program plans, clinical projects, budgets, technology plans, and workforce development initiatives. Additional committees and workgroups will be formed as needed to address new issues and priorities over time.

CCB will use DSRIP funding to further leverage clinical and technological infrastructure developed collaboratively over the last five years to establish an integrated system of care across a broad range of medical, behavioral and social sectors. This will improve care coordination and communication among providers throughout the borough and enhance population health management for the most complex patients.

Governance Committees

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of members who provide strategic leadership of activities related to DSRIP, including establishing the standards for all CCB work products and processes, ensuring decisions are made in a timely manner and that implementation remains on track. The committee meets regularly to review and approve key decisions , documents, and plans originated by other committees and provides support for the implementation of such plans.

Care Delivery and Quality Committee

The Care Delivery and Quality (CDQ) Committee is responsible for overseeing the practitioner communication/education plan, reviewing clinical processes and protocols, and monitoring related performance of CCB’s Participants.

Community Engagement Committee

The Community Engagement Committee is responsible for advising the Executive Committee regarding the engagement of the Brooklyn community and overseeing strategies to address health disparities and gaps in care, as well as cultural competency and health literacy.

Compliance Committee

The Compliance Committee is responsible for providing guidance regarding DSRIP-related compliance issues relevant to the PPS and our Participants and serves as a forum for review of emerging compliance issues, risks, and best practices.  The committee works to ensure open lines of communication around compliance topics, and provides input on the development of appropriate compliance-related informational and training materials for CCB’s Participant network.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for making recommendations regarding budgets and the distribution of funds received by CCB. The members of the committee meet regularly to review deployment of DSRIP services and oversee the financial sustainability strategy for CCB.

Information Technology Committee

The Information Technology (IT) Committee is responsible for creating and updating processes and protocols for the adoption, use, and expansion of CCB’s collaborative care coordination platform and other IT systems. The IT Committee promotes and monitors the adoption and use of certified EHRs and participation in the Statewide Health Information Network of New York (SHIN-NY).

Workforce Committee

The Workforce Committee is responsible for development and oversight of the workforce development and training strategy for CCB. The committee coordinates with the Care Delivery and Quality (CDQ) Committee and project implementation workgroups to identify the core competencies necessary for the achievement of DSRIP and population health goals, and to assess the gap between those competencies and knowledge and skills of current staff.